Allergy Awareness: A Case Study - Kelly's Story

In the bustling and creative world of nail artistry, beauty often takes centre stage, but today, we're taking a compassionate look at a topic that might hit close to home for many nail techs out there: nail allergies.

These unexpected and sometimes painful reactions can affect both technicians and clients alike. To truly understand the impact, we'll be sharing a heartfelt case study from a Kelly, a HONA nail tech, who personally experienced the development of an allergy. It's a reminder that health should never take a backseat, and that understanding symptoms and prevention is vital for everyone in our vibrant community.

Let's explore this important subject together with empathy and awareness, so that we may all continue to thrive in our passion for nail art.

Can you tell me about the first time you experienced allergy symptoms?

My allergy symptoms started out with poor skin on my neck and jawline (because of where it was, I didn’t realise it was actually allergy) but within the year I was getting other symptoms like cracking skin on pad of my thumb and finger.

Kelly's Allergy Story

How has your allergy affected the way you work and the products you use?

It's massively affected what I can and can’t use safely. I honestly thought I couldn’t work in this industry again. Patch testing saved my career as it identified exact allergies and allowed me to work with brands such as HONA which are hypoallergenic.

What advice would you give to nail techs to protect themselves from developing an allergy?

Wear gloves always! If you don’t like wearing gloves 9 times out of 10, your wearing the wrong size. Ensure your wearing the correct thickness of gloves for chemicals such as acetone and always wear a mask and have a dust extractor

How has HONA helped your nail tech journey?

Using HONA has enabled me to continue running my business safely and ensuring my clients are receiving a safe option of nail care.

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