Christmas Balletcore Nails

Attention nail technicians! The festive season is knocking, and with it comes the opportunity to master a nail trend that has something for all clients. Welcome the fusion of Balletcore with sophisticated nail art, a blend of classic grace and trendy shimmer. Achieving this look becomes not just simple but truly transformative.

Firstly what is the Balletcore and to revamp it?

Imagine the soft, neutral tones we love from ballet – reminiscent of those timeless ballet slippers. Now, amplify that image with a dash of chrome or glitter. Whether that be a micro French tip or something a little more extravagant. The Balletcore trend brings sophistication and grace, much like the ballet itself. Add in the allure of nail art, and you've got a look that's as festive as it is chic.

One of the best things about this trend is that it still allows you to still put your creative stamp on it as it it is a really versatile look. But if you want some inspiration, the following designs have all been made using HONA.

Vanilla Nails

Vanilla Chrome
The Vanilla Chrome nail art trend is a chic evolution of last year's glazed donut look, featuring an elegant off-white, coloured base beneath a pearlescent chrome top coat. This combination results in a subtly glamorous style, blending quiet luxury with a hint of balletcore. The process starts with applying HONA's Dune polish for a creamy base, followed by SuperShine Top Coat for durability. The magic happens when each nail is buffed with our clear chrome powder, creating a glazed, reflective finish. The final touch involves cleaning any excess powder for a neat, spring-ready vanilla chrome manicure. Simple yet stunning, this trend is perfect for those seeking a mix of sophistication and sparkle. Image credit @beautybykeirax

The Anti Christmas

Anti Christmas

"The Anti Christmas" nail art trend offers a unique twist on traditional holiday manicures, perfect for those who prefer a edgy style. Moving away from the classic red and green glitter, this trend features sophisticated black tips that maintain the elegance of ballet core aesthetics. The base colour can be a delicate shade like bubble, tender, or angel. The standout element is a deep French tip using black gel polish or detail paint. Adding a distinct "Anti Christmas" touch, dark glitter detail paint in shades like Disguise, Soiree, or Stardust is applied over the French design or in creative patterns. This gives the nails an intriguing edge, making them not only suitable for the festive season but also extending their allure well into the New Year and beyond Image credit @glamorphile

For the clients who always have pink

The "Balletcore chrome Pink" nail art trend captures the essence of traditional ballet aesthetics with a shining twist. This trend starts with two coats of a pink gel polish, reminiscent of the classic ballet pink. To elevate the look and to give it a bit more glamour for the festive period add HONA's clear chrome over all the nail or select parts. Image credit - Lynz Nails And Beauty

Glitter Tips 

The "Glitter Tips" nail art trend is a modern twist on the classic French manicure, offering a playful yet sophisticated look. This design elevates the balletcore base and incorporates glitter into the iconic French tips, ranging from bold chunky rhinestones for an eye-catching effect to micro-glitter for a subtler sheen. What makes this style particularly appealing is its versatility; it can be customised to match personal style, nail length, and shape, making it suitable for everyone. See Glitter gels here

This trend is perfect for those looking to add a touch of glamour to their nails in a fun, customisable way.
 Image credit 1 - @bydamonevans , Image credit 2 - @Abigailkate_beauty

The classic but make it Christmas

The "Golden Antlers" nail art trend offers a unique and festive twist on the classic deep French manicure, incorporating chrome elements shaped like reindeer antlers. This design, though appearing intricate, is actually straightforward to execute. The main technique involves following the line of the deep French tip with chrome, then adding 'branches' to mimic the shape of antlers. This adds a distinct Christmas flair to the nails, blending elegance with seasonal charm.

For those unfamiliar with using chrome in nail art, a helpful guide can provide step-by-step instructions to achieve this eye-catching look. The Golden Antlers trend is perfect for those seeking a creative and festive nail design that stands out during the holiday season. Image credit - @thestudiobabe

Leading the Trend with HONA

The fusion of Balletcore and Christmas isn't just a passing trend – it's the trend that will come around year after year. Celebrities and influencers are already sporting it, setting the tone for the festive season. As a nail technician, you're not just following the trend – with HONA's HEMA-free gel system, you're at the forefront of it.

So, as glasses clink and celebrations ensue, ensure your clients' nails are party-ready. Embrace the Christmas Balletcore movement, delve into HONA's gels, glitters and chrome powders. Allow your creations to steal the show and dance in the limelight.