2024 nail trends forecasting from 2023 Fashion Shows

As a forward-thinking nail technician, you have the power to not just follow but also predict and influence upcoming trends. By astutely analysing the 2023 fashion shows, you can gain insights that allow you to forecast 2024’s nail trends. Let’s explore how you can become a trendsetter in the nail art world.

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2023 Fashion Shows: Your Forecasting Tool

Fashion shows in cities like Paris and Milan are not just showcases of clothing but barometers for upcoming beauty trends, including nail art. The key is to interpret these cues creatively to set trends in the nail industry.

Color Trends

  • Interpreting Bold and Bright: If you notice a prevalence of bold colours on the runway, think about how these can be translated into nail art. For example, you might start experimenting with neon underlays or bold colour blocks in anticipation of a bright colour wave.
  • Adapting Pastels and Earth Tones: Should you observe more subdued tones, consider introducing a range of pastel or earth-toned gel polishes. Create sample designs that showcase these colours in minimalist styles or combined with natural textures.

Texture and Effects

  • Metallics and Gloss: Upon seeing metallic or shiny textures dominate the runway, start sourcing metallic polishes or develop techniques that mimic these glossy finishes. Offering these options to your clients ahead of the curve sets you as a trendsetter.
  • Matte and Textured Adaptations: If matte textures are in vogue, invest in matte topcoats and experiment with adding textures like sand effects, creating sample boards to inspire your clients.

Patterns and Designs

  • Graphic Inspirations: Translate bold patterns seen on the runway into nail art. Offer geometric designs or abstract art as part of your services.
  • Floral and Nature Themes: Adapt nature-inspired runway themes into intricate, hand-painted nail designs or use nail stickers that reflect these patterns.

    Cultural Influences

    • Global Styles: Bring cultural elements seen in fashion into your nail art. For example, if African prints are trending, incorporate these patterns into your designs using vibrant colours and unique motifs. Maybe Asian influences are prominent if so think about that colour pallet and how it can be utilised in your salon


    By being an astute observer of 2023’s fashion trends, you can be at the forefront of 2024’s nail trends. Use these insights to experiment, innovate, and offer fresh, trendy designs to your clients. Your ability to forecast and adapt these trends not only enhances your portfolio but also establishes you as a leading figure in the nail industry. Stay informed, be creative, and lead the way in setting nail art trends for 2024. Want to see what HONA has predicted see here