HONA SwiftTips USB Flash Lamp

For flawless SwiftTips application in just a flash!

CHF 59.00
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Discover the HONA Swift Tips USB Flash Lamp, meticulously designed to elevate your SwiftTips application process. Its ergonomic structure paired with a flexible rotating arm ensures comfort and precision, making it an indispensable tool for both in-salon and mobile sessions. The lamp can be used plugged in or can be charged and used cordless. The handy USB port can also charge your devices whilst flash curing!

Please note: We recommend using the HONA Cordless Cube Lamp to fully cure your gel manicures.

Key features of the HONA SwiftTips USB Flash Lamp?

  • Foldable, stylish design
  • Flexible arm that allows for comfortable positioning
  • Quick touch button
  • Continuous light

Why choose the HONA Gel System?

SAFER - HONA hired world-leading chemist, Jim McConnell, to create the incredible formula. What this means is that you know the product has been made to the highest standards. No toxic ingredients have been used which has greatly reduced the risk of causing yourself or a client an allergy.

STRONGER - Using state-of-the-art ingredients, the HONA gel system formula is the strongest hypoallergenic brand available in the UK. It will give 3+ weeks of use while giving no heat spike.

SMARTER - By choosing the HONA gel system you are future-proofing you and your salon. Developing an allergy to your current gel system can be costly as you will need to rebrand. A hypoallergenic system like ours will greatly reduce the chances of you developing an allergy - future-proofing yourself.

100% transparency - HONA will not only be able to tell you the exact day your product was created but the name of the person who created it along with the exact locationThis knowledge combined with the 100% transparent label means you can fact-check all our claims.


    The HONA mission is to educate, inspire and improve the talents of the modern day nail technician as well as empower the nail community through uncompromising integrity, transparency and service.