Nail Desk Protector Mat

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HONAs nail desk protector mat is the perfect accessory for nail techs (both mobile and salon based). 

  • The mobile mat style has a raised edge for extra strength as well as  ring tie to fold up the matt while traveling
  • The flat mat style has no raised edges and will sit completely flat on your nail desk. This mat is easier to clean and has no ring tie. 

What is the Nail Desk Protector Mat?

This mat has been designed to protect your expensive salon nail desks or your clients tables in their home if your a mobile tech. Besides being waterproof/heat resistant it will allow you to place all your nail tools, gel polishes, brushes etc... on it so if there is an accident there will be no irreversible damage!

Get ready to be more organised, effective but most importantly mess free!

The best thing though? This mat is perfect to use as a mixing gel polish pallet! Simply pour, mix, paint then clean! Amazing.

What are the key features of this desk protector?

  • Easy clean for ultimate hygiene - Can be wiped down using acetone, isopropyl alcohol, water, or anti-bac wipes.
  • With a handy corner tie (Mobile Mat) the HONA desk protector is ideal for mobile techs
  • Use your mat as a painting pallet to create the perfect colour for your client - then simply wipe clean.
  • Size - 41cm x 30.5cm

Please note the mat WILL stain if gel polish is left on for a prolonged time or if the gel cures a little. Make sure to wipe clean after use each time.


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