I'm A Nail Tech, Duh! Mean Girls Gel System Edit

10 Mean Girls Inspired HONA Favourites.

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Introducing our latest edit, "I'm A Nail Tech, Duh!" – a Mean Girls-inspired selection of HONA favourites that's as fetch as it gets! This specially curated set brings together the best of our products, each echoing the iconic charm and sass of the beloved film.

Perfect for the nail tech who isn't just skilled but also loves a touch of playful attitude in their work. From vibrant pinks that would make Regina George jealous to glittery hues that channel your inner Cady Heron, this collection has it all. And the best part? It's available at a special discounted price!

Embrace your inner Mean Girl with "I'm A Nail Tech, Duh!" and let your nails do the talking because on Wednesdays (and every other day), we wear fabulous nails!

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