Winter Cardigan Nails

For the 4th day of our 12-days of HONA countdown, we’re learning this cute and cosy cardigan look with @‌gelsbyginge, using our new advent-calendar-exclusive shade, Icey Detail Paint. Don't worry If you haven't got the advent calendar, you can still follow along with your closest reflective detail paint.

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Cardigan Nail Tutorial Guide

Video Transcript

Hi Guys, I'm so excited to be sharing with you the tutorial that I've created for the HONA Advent Calendar using the most amazing art gel in the shade Icey, I'm going to be showing you two ways to create this sugared cardigan texture and I'm going in with the Moonlight colour from the Moonlight Fiesta collection. As you can see, it's such a gorgeous blue colour and I really thought this would help to emulate that kind of cosy winter feeling. I'm starting off with two coats of colour. And then the moment we've all been waiting for that special detail paint called Icey in the advent calendar itself, which I bet you can't wait to get your hands on. I couldn't just use it for the art. So I am using it for a full colour just to show it in all of its glory. I'm going in and buffing down the nails that I'm going to be painting, the design on and I'm going in with the Long Liner Brush and a little bit of that art gel in Icey just to paint over my sugared cardigan design. I'm going in with a little bit of extra paint just to kind of give it that real sparkle effect. And to just kind of give it a little bit more detail. I'm drawing two lines straight down the centre. And I'm gonna create that kind of knitted kind of look down the centre of the nail. I'm just doing it by drawing, it's kind of like an S shape but kind of turned on the side, a little bit flatter. And that just kind of helps to give that woven effect throughout the centre of the nail. I think that art gel is great for this design and it really stands out well against that dark blue background. And then I'm going to cure that in the lamp for 60 seconds. So, for my second part of this tutorial, I'm going to be using a loose glitter called Disco Pink. And this is also going to emulate that sugared texture onto the nail. I'm going to start by using that same paint, Moonlight. And I'm just drawing a couple of kind of diagonal lines down the sides of the nail. And then using the Disco Pink Glitter, I'm going to kind of pack it right on top. I'm just going to throw it on where the paint is still wet. So this is on uncured gel. We're just going to make sure everything is completely covered. And then once you're happy with everything, I'm just tapping the side of the nail to dab it off. It should look a little something like that. And then I'm going to pop that into the lamp and just cure it for 60 seconds. And then I'm going to wear my fluffy brush and I'm just dusting off everything that's kind of excess on the nail and to add a little bit of extra texture, I thought it would look really cute. If we did some little hearts down the centre of the nail. These will look slightly raised as I have buffed that background. I did Matte Top Coat as well and then I'm going to pop a little bit of SuperShine top coat on. And that's the final look. What do you guys think? Let me know if any of you decide to recreate this. I'd love to see your ideas. I'd love to know what you think about the new Icey art gel. All paint from HONA. Thanks for watching.