Get spring-ready with this enchanting Easter nail art tutorial by the talented @ellesgelsandbeauty. In this tutorial, Eloise shares her personal tips and tricks for the perfect easter nail set featuring everything from buzzing bumblebees and adorable mini eggs to delicate floral designs. Eloise's tutorial not only teaches you the artistry behind each design but also equips you with her expert tips and tricks to ensure your nail creations stand out.


What you’ll need to create this design:


Hi everyone, I'm Eloise and today I'm going to show you how I created this mini egg inspired look using the new speckled topcoat and spring meadow collection. I'm starting off with a slip layer of pure foundation and taking a bead and slowly dragging that down all the way to the bottom of the nail. Once I have covered the nail, I then just flip the nail upside down let the product do the work for me as itself levels beautifully on its own any imperfections and then just smoothing out with my eyeliner brush. Here we have fun from the spring Meadows collection, which is a gorgeous green shade. It's super pigmented, it's so perfect for French or any nail art just swirlling the colour through my brush to evenly distribute it. So to create the french, I just start with the brush at the edge of the nail and then sweep the brush in an arch like motion round and now I'm using the shape of the now as a guideline to create the shape as well. And then just fill in the rest of the nail with the extra polish leftover. So now I'm taking the black speckled topcoat. And what I'm doing here is I'm just sort of draining the product out of my brush and I'm just left with the speckles. Now I'm just distributing these across the nail and just spreading them out so I have an even distribution across the nail. I drained the clear topcoat out just so we're not making the French look too bulky. So now I'm taking the super shine topcoat and I'm just floating that over the whole nail I now take a bead and I just float that across the middle, just so we don't have that bump from the French and it's all nice and smooth. Now I'm just smoothing out with my brush to get rid of any imperfections. Now I wanted to make the tip of the nail matte to make it look more like a mini egg. So I'm just going in with HONA matte topcoat and I'm just swiping that following the arch of the French round at the nail. You want to be quite near this step because if you get any of the matte onto the nude section, you will see this once it's cured. Now I'm just wiping off the inhibition layer making sure to only go where we placed any of the matte topcoat. To create the daisy I'm using HONA white detail page I've got a dot in the middle just as a guideline where to place the petals. I'm just using this brush starting from the edge and dragging inwards towards the door. And with the petals I'm not completely touching that circle. I'm just going up quite close to it. I cured that for 60 seconds and now I'm just going in with HONA detail paintbrush and just creating smaller petals in any of the gaps. Now I have light blush I'm just dragging that from the centre about halfway up the petals. Here we have another colour from the spring Meadows collection. This one is Daffodil which is beautiful pastel yellow shade. Again it really pigmented. So I'm just swirling in some buttons with daffodil. I'm using this to create the centre of the Daisy and I'm leaving this little bit thicker just to make it slightly 3d. Now I'm taking Daffodil and I'm just doing a few dots across the yellow here I'm taking butternut and then tortie. And this is just going to make it a bit more realistic. Just make sure to cure between each of these layers so they don't blend together. So now we're on to the Bee to create the bee I've just used tortie and I started with a little circle in the centre here. Now I'm doing a sort of semi circle just underneath that circle. And for the head of the Bee just a smaller semicircle on the top here, flash cure that in the lap and then we can start using our black detail painter create the stripes just doing the head, middle section and bottom you can do this quite messy flash cure that again, and here. I'm just going in with Butternut and Daffodil doing those gaps. And then I just add a bit of button on its own on just the yellow. Again, another flash cure. And now I'm just adding torti just that black middle section between the yellow and the black and then the head between the yellow and the black. And I'm just feathering that out across the Bee. Again, another flash cure and now I'm taking the white detail paint. I'm just doing very, very thin strokes at the bottom of the Bee here. Little bit on that back middle section and then anywhere else, I think it could do some highlights. I'm now just using the black detail paint and longliner to create the antenna and the legs. To create the legs I have a little blob of paint at the end and I just dab out on the nail and drag. So here I'm just taking it on the middle section, dab drag and then dragging that around for the back ones. I like to do another little line. So I do three lines here and then an extra one just for the foot and I only do this for the back ones give that cure and now I'm using the detail brush with white detail paint and super shine topcoat. Just starting in the middle section of the bee and dragging that product outwards, making sure the top part of the wing is slightly longer than the bottom part of the wing. Again another flash cure and now I'm using the torie detail paint just add some extra details to the wing. So I've just outlined the edge of the wing here and now I've done a few little veiny lines in the centre of the wing just to create the vanes on the wing. Once I flashed cured that I'm now using the clear PureFoundation to make the bee look 3d. So in between each of these steps, you want to make sure you're curing it. So I've started off with the first bead in the middle you want to cure that and then do the bottom and then the top and now I'm doing the wings. You can also pop the nail upside down before curing just like gravity do the work and pull the gel down to make it more 3d. Put the nail in for a full cure and now what I'm doing is I'm just top coating over any of the places where they have a tacky layer so they This is where we've used pure foundation or normal gel polish give that a full cure and now the look is completed I hope you enjoyed watching the video and I look forward seeing any of your recreations. 


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