Nail Tech Spotlight: Damon Evans

Introducing this month's Nail Tech Spotlight, Damon Evans! (@bydamonevans)

With an uncanny ability to transform nails into canvases of pure art, Damon has quickly become one of our community's fave technicians. Here are some of his standout creations!

 Stunning Ombre Tips

This ombre look was inspired by another HONA nail tech, Daisy May Flores (@nailsbydaisymay), and was achieved using:

Both Damon and Daisy used the HONA Ombre Nail Art Brush to achieve their ombre effect. Please note, we do not recommend using gel polish with airbrush machines. Read more about The Hazards Of Using An Airbrush Machine With Gel Polish And Acetone.

 Pink Iridescent French Manicure

Damon is well known for his impeccable line work and crisp finishes, which is why we asked him to create our latest tutorial detailing his signature pink iridescent French manicure. To make the tutorial extra special, we sent Damon a shade from our (then) unreleased collection, The Sleepover Club

To try the look yourself, you'll need:

Don't forget to check out Damon's step-by-step Pink Iridescent Nail Art Tutorial for all his tips and tricks to achieving the perfect Coloured French Manicure.

Dreamy Pink Clouds

We love the attention to detail in this dreamy pink cloud design, the special touch of the gold flakes really elevates the look. Nail Art Flakes are the perfect way to add a unique, eye-catching touch to any design. We specially choose all our flakes to ensure they are non toxic, colourfast, fade resistant, and non bleed for worry-free use. 

To try this look yourself you'll need :

 Glam Gold Glitter

Whether your client is after birthday nails or is getting a fresh set for the festive season, this gorgeous gold look is perfect for any celebration. Here, Damon has used none other than, VIP - one of our most glamorous reflective detail paints from the Masquerade collection

To get the look yourself, you'll need:

Q&A With Damon

What inspired you to become a nail tech?

Some of my earliest memories are going to the nail salon with my mum and playing with all the different swatches and colours and thinking I’d love to do this when I’m older. I would sit for hours practicing nail art and getting creative with the little nail kits I got from the Argos catalog with my pocket money.

Ive just always loved to make people feel confident and better about themselves and if that’s spending a few hours with them every few weeks to make their fingertips pretty then I love doing it.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I’d love to be teaching. It’s always something I’ve wanted to do since college. I’d love to be moved into my forever home with my own salon studio built with room to teach and to do all my amazing clients. Here’s to the next 5 years in this fabulous job! Want to be featured in our next monthly Nail Tech Spotlight?

Why did you choose HONA and how has HONA impacted your career?

I first discovered HONA because of their detail paints, there are so many and I wanted some reflective glitter gels! Once I tried their products I was hooked and just wanted everything.

Going into 2023, I wanted to use a brand of builder gels that would be as safe as can be for my clients and that’s when I fully invested in HONA and I absolutely love it. The community support I feel from the brand and social network of techs who use HONA is so fab, I’m always super excited to share my work and seeing what everyone else is doing with their own clients.

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