From Novice to Expert with Sammi Pelling

The Ultimate guide to becoming a master nail tech: From Novice To Expert

Whether you're new to the industry or just looking to level up your business and become a master of your trade, our latest business mastery session with the amazing Sammi Pelling will give you all the insights you need to unlock success within the nail industry and level up from novice to expert.

The talented Sammi Pelling, a nail tech and author of "The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Master Nail Tech: From Novice To Expert," shares her vast knowledge and experience. Let's dive into the critical areas she covers: finances, creativity, policies, marketing, and client care.

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Importance of Accurate Bookkeeping: Sammi discusses the critical nature of keeping careful records of all business transactions. This not only helps in accurately filing taxes but also provides a clear picture of the business' financial health, allowing for more informed decision-making.

Strategic Pricing: She highlights the necessity of setting prices based on the cost of materials, time, your experience, and geographic location. This involves researching local market rates to ensure competitiveness without underselling services.

Tax Preparation and Savings: Sammi advises setting aside a portion of income regularly into a dedicated account for taxes to avoid year-end surprises, recommending tools like Monzo for easy financial planning.

Revenue Goals: Setting clear financial targets is crucial. Sammi shares her approach to breaking down these targets into monthly and daily goals, which helps her monitor progress and adjust business strategies accordingly.

Adjusting Service Rates: Sammi discusses the importance of regularly reviewing and adjusting service rates to reflect increased skill levels, inflation, and other factors, ensuring the business remains profitable.


Introduction to Creativity in Nail Art: This section explores the limitless possibilities of nail art with a focus on creativity and client customisation. It delves into how technicians can elevate their craft by incorporating personal touches and the latest trends into their designs, ensuring every client leaves with unique wearable art.

Client Customisation: Sammi encourages technicians to express their artistic flair by offering personalised nail art. Whether it’s simple colour choices or intricate designs, customisation enhances client satisfaction and sets services apart in a competitive market.

Innovation: Staying ahead of industry trends by continually updating skills and using the latest materials and techniques is vital. Sammi recommends engaging in workshops, watching tutorial videos, and participating in industry conferences to keep services cutting-edge and high-quality.


Introduction to Salon Policies for Safety and Security: Safety and professionalism are paramount. This segment highlights critical policies every salon should implement, including health and safety practices and the necessity of liability insurance to protect both clients and the business.

Health and Safety: Sammi stresses the critical importance of maintaining cleanliness in the workspace. Regular sanitisation of tools and workstations, proper disposal of materials, and adherence to health and safety regulations ensure the safety of clients and staff while enhancing the business's reputation.

Liability Insurance: Sammi also discusses the necessity of comprehensive insurance coverage to protect against potential claims from accidents, injuries, or other incidents ensures the business can operate with peace of mind.


Introduction to Marketing Strategies for Nail Salons: Effective marketing can set a salon apart in a competitive market. This section offers insights into enhancing brand visibility and engaging with clients through various digital platforms, crafting a compelling online presence that captures and retains audience interest.

Brand Awareness: Techniques for boosting brand visibility are key, Sammi covers all including engaging content on social media, collaborations with influencers, and targeted advertising. Consistency in aesthetic and messaging builds a recognisable and trusted brand identity.

Client Engagement: Sami also discusses strategies for engaging with clients on social media through regular posting of high-quality content that highlights new services, promotions, or behind-the-scenes looks are suggested to keep the brand active and involved in the community.

Client Care

Introduction to Client Care in the Nail Industry: At the heart of any successful salon is exceptional client care. This part focuses on strategies for enhancing client relationships through personalisation and high-quality service, ensuring clients feel valued and cared for.

Personalisation: Tips on making clients feel valued through personalised interactions, such as greeting by name, recalling past conversations, and tailoring services to individual preferences and histories. Sammi stresses that this level of attention significantly increases client retention and satisfaction.

Quality Service: Sami suggests that providing exceptional service that goes beyond basic nail care creates a welcoming atmosphere, ensures punctual appointments, and offers a relaxing environment. High-quality service is foundational to client loyalty and positive word-of-mouth referrals.


Whether you're just starting out or you're already a seasoned expert, Sammi Pelling's tips on finances, creativity, policies, marketing, and client care provide the perfect guide for taking your career to the next level. Implement these strategies to refine your skills, enhance your business operations, and truly elevate your presence in the dynamic world of nail artistry.

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